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2 things to consider when selecting a car scent diffuser



In last article,we discussed why we need a perfume car air freshener.As you can see, there are quite different models to choose in the markets. Then how to choose a proper perfume car air freshener for your vehicle?Of course, the most important factors when buying a scent for your vehicle are how it smell and how long it last.


A comfortable fragrance can help you feel better and safer driving. The aromas can affect our emotional state.The researchers surprised that odors affect both the mood of the driver and his actions behind the wheel.Suitable smells help drivers to react faster to the dangers that may arise in and help in concentration.Moreover, unpleasant odors may result in increased speed, promote sleep and even making the driver would feel upset and irritable.

Naturally, you should choose a good scent that you like, Most of these perfume car air freshener have a different scent, whether is floral, fruity or a smell of leather,but some are similar style.For example, the odor of Peppermint and cinnamon evidently improve concentration and reduce irritability. Another smell,the smell of sea,there's nothing like the sea breeze to take a deep breath to help us de-stress, relax muscles and cleanse the mind.

On the other hand,there are some aromas that we should avoid when we're at the wheel:

• Chamomile,jasmine and lavender, can induce sleep because your relaxation

• The aroma of fresh bread,pastries and fast food, can cause irritability in the driver and exceed speed limits.

• Smell of freshly cut grass and pine,these scents can distract us from the road and lead us to a state of reverie.


Naturally, some people complained that the scent didn’t last as long. However, this happens only because, most of the time, people don’t use it accordingly.In fact,It’s really hard to give a good estimate of how long the air freshener lasts.

Take the glass bottle air freshener for example,that depends a lot on how strong you want the fragrance and the temperature outside, the ratio of alcohol to essential oils that you use, and the type of alcohol you use. Naturally, some people complained that the scent didn’t last as long. However, this happens only because, most of the time people don’t use it accordingly. Take the Scent paper for example,The key is to open the package only a little at the side. Make sure you don’t completely get the paper out of the package.When you first open it, keep opening it more and more as the time goes by. This way, you’ll release only just enough scent and the paper will last you a long time.

Depending on the style and scent, as well as lifespan, you can easily pick your favorite car air freshener to battle odors inside your vehicle.Our suggestion is to smell it first, if you have the chance. This way, you’ll know for sure whether you’d like the scent or not.

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