Air Freshener Air Wicks

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Product Details

Air Freshener Air Wicks

can do diameter: 1 mm. 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm to 20 mm, 

we can also make the absorbent stick as per customer's requirement,and abnormity of PE cotton stick, eyeliner pen point, acrylic pen point, fiber pen point .

fiber wicks for aromatherapy essential 
High Quality Cotton wicks for car perfume, essential oils volatilization, Aroma 

Specification of Air Freshener Wicks
1) Material: Polyester (PE) 
2) Hardness Grade: Grade I (HS75-85) & Grade II (HS55-65) 
3) Diameter: 1mm-10mm
4) Diameter Tolenrance: +/-0.1mm
5) Length: any length, exactly according to clients` request
6) Length Tolerance: +/-1mm
7) Color: white & black & any other color according to clients` request 
8) Shape: Straight

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