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 Luxury Lavender Aromatherapy Candle


Made with french lavender pure plant essential oils and food grade pesticide-free natural coconut wax, hand crafted by our skilled candle artisans with 3 days of natural cooling under specific temperature control, with longer burning times, lower melting point to ensure low temperature combustion, solid state can be used as balm, burning wax can be used massage.


Product Features:  calm, soothing, balanced role, can calm the state of tension restored to sleep and relieve headaches. In addition lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory, antidote, can be used for colds, cough, bronchitis; to prevent mosquito bites are quite effective.


Note: Hypertensive patients and pregnant women should be avoided.


Net content: 100 grams, burning time: 20-30 hours

Natural lead-free cotton wick, to ensure clean and pollution-free clean burning.



● The size of the room affects the concentration of fragrance.

● Do not light ordinary candles and aromatic candles at the same time because the former will absorb the latter's aroma.

● Use only one or two fragrances. Our smell can feel numb because of the variety of scent

● try to choose a larger candle candle. As the candle burns, the more candle we have gathered, the thicker it is.

● Frequently trimming wick. Wick over the General Assembly affect the aroma distribution. Burning timely wick cut to a length of 0.5-0.8cm (please turn off the flame). This will not produce smoke when burning black smoke.

● Store the refrigerator for a few hours before use to slow down the burning rate of the candle.

● Avoid placing the candle in the windward when it is burning to prevent the candle from wobbling and tilting, resulting in dripping wax or unsightly appearance. It is recommended to keep indoor air circulation when burning candles.

● If the candle drops on the furniture, please wait for the solidified before stripping, the residual wax, you can use the hair dryer or iron to melt the wax and then wipe away.

● Do not blow out the candle when extinguishing the candle, so as to avoid producing white smoke and burning smell. It is recommended that you use a toothpick or a thin iron wire to place under the wick, push the wick down, allow the wax liquid to extinguish the flame, and then cool the wick vertically. This will not produce white smoke and burnt smell, the next lighter when more convenient and labor-saving.

● Avoid placing the candle in direct sunlight to prevent the candle from fading due to long-term exposure to the sun. When the weather is hot, place the candle in a cool place to prevent softening.

● Keep the candle out of the reach of children to prevent from eating properly; do not allow young children to light a candle or touch the burning candle.


Lavender Aromatherapy Candle

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