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Car Perfume Air Freshener

China Car Perfume supplier

Fragrance in Car

Colorful flash, Luxury leather, Romantic

Fine leather, Luxury texture

Drive with fragrance, lasting fragrance

Efficient removal of odor,  fragrance lasting in the whole car

Large aromatherapy tablets, more lasting fragrance

Installation method:

1. Install the aromatherapy tablets

2. Install the rear cover according to the positioning point

3. Tighten the rear cover clockwise

4, counter clockwise is to loosen

One aromatherapy tablet lasts about 20 days and can be replaced

Product material: aluminum alloy / highly antiseptic PP / high density PE aromatherapy tablets

Processing technology: litchi PU leather / gutta percha 
Product size: 40 x 40 x 44.5 (mm)


Gulong orange

Deep in bamboo forest

Night osmanthus in August

Exquisite packaging

1 product

1 instruction

3 aromatherapy tablets

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