A new type of fiber stick which can replace the exhausted herbal material like reed ,banboo, etc.It's with good elastic. The fiber stick can be a good replacement of reed, it maintain the good performance of the reed, but not-exhausted and economy Specification: Diameter and length:can be customized, color: White, Green, Black,brown,off-white can be made We can also make the absorbent stick as per customer's requirement Main features: 1. The absorbent sticks are well structured in bright color. 2. The absorbent sticks are good elastic, can hold water well without drip after enveloped 3. The absorbent sticks are of good density distribution, it performs well with good absorbability, big water storage capacity and stable volatility. 4. The material are no water solution, and no sticking, which can keep the speed of volatilization. 5. The absorbent sticks can be well used in different kinds of perfume, liquid, it’s non-toxic, a totally environmental-friendly products.

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