Fibre Synthetic Air Freshener Wicks

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Product Details
can do diameter: 1 mm. 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm to 20 mm, we can also make the absorbent stick as per customer's requirement,and abnormity of PE cotton stick, eyeliner pen point, acrylic pen point, fiber pen point .
Car perfume cotton core ,cotton core for car perfume,cotton core for humidifier ,humidifier cotton core,perfume wick
car perfume wick
synthetic fiber stick
wick for car perfume
wick for humidifier
humidifier wick
fragrance incense stick
φ7mm perfume wick
polyester fiber
polyester fiber wick
fiber stick for car perfume 
fiber stick for perfume 
perfume wick for car freshener 
Fiter wick for auto perfume 
car perfume wick filter
aromatherapy supplies essential oil sticks 

aromatherapy sticks
fiber wicks for aromatherapy essential 
High Quality Cotton wicks for car perfume, essential oils volatilization, Aroma 
High Quality Cotton wicks for Blank Nasal Inhalers, car perfume, essential oils, Aroma 
Car Perfume Wick / Filter

Specification of Air Freshener Wicks
1) Material: Polyester (PE) 
2) Hardness Grade: Grade I (HS75-85) & Grade II (HS55-65) 
3) Diameter: 1mm-10mm
4) Diameter Tolenrance: +/-0.1mm
5) Length: any length, exactly according to clients` request
6) Length Tolerance: +/-1mm
7) Color: white & black & any other color according to clients` request 
8) Shape: Straight

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