Fiter wick for auto perfume

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Product Details

neat appearance, colour and lustre is white.
Good elasticity and  won't be creased easily.
Uniform porosity distribution;Strong water imbibition, water content is so big, volatile is very stability.
Filter wick for auto perfume is not be water soluble and blocked inhalers, it can keep the water-based volatilizing speed consistency.
It can form a complete set of various types of essential oils,perfume, liquids, and non-toxic, it is green environmental protection product .

Packaging :
plastic bag and carton
Delivery Detail:
3~15 working days. it is be up to your order quantity
High Quality Cotton wicks
It is used for filling essential oils, car perfumes, Aroma Reed
High Quality Cotton wicks
It is used for  adding essential oils or other herb vaporized liquid, Car perfumes volatilization , Aroma Reed Diffuser in room ......
Length of inside absorbent wick: 80MM
Diameter: 1.5cm
Length and Diameter can be customized. 
Diameter: 1mm~20mm, length can cut as your demand.

aromatherapy stick
Various size,shapes,colors  available
suitable for aroma diffuser
High quality
rattan stick
aromatherapy diffuser reed diffuser with fiter sticks

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