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Good Fragrances for Home


Fragrance: gardenia, lily, lemon, pineapple, sweet orange, peach, rose lavender marine cologne jasmine

Use in Wardrobe, car, bedroom, toilet. 


We are designer and manufacturer  of the air purifier & aroma diffuser. Our products are being used for home, office, car, hotel and other similar public places. 

As now the air pollution all over the world is heavier and heavier day after day, in such condition, air purifier becomes one necessary device in our life, to filter PM2.5 (HEPA), absorb smoke and formaldehyde (activated carbon and cold catalyst), kill bacteria (UV lamp) and etc.




Our Service:


1, Professional home perfume, Car Perfume Team service.

2, Confirm every details before production

3, Hard and Thick Carton Package

4, Follow up after ship out the goods.

5, Quality and Service firstly.


Contact us, pretty product catalogue and attractive price will be presented to you.





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