No fire aromatherapy is containing natural plant essential oil

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No fire Aromatherapy
No fire aromatherapy is containing natural plant essential oil

vaporization pistil head micro oxygen element through a special

constant temperature can be volatile.
Not only can produce plenty of fresh oxygen, but also releases large

amounts of ozone, Fen and more refined, negative ion and plant
Aromatic molecules, make our environment more fresh and healthy.
The effect of Aromatherapy
No fire aromatherapy aromatherapy can purify the air, improve air

quality, no pollution of the shaping of human living space.
No fire aromatherapy aromatherapy can promote The new supersedes the

old., reduce fatigue, help maintain respiratory function.
No fire aromatherapy aromatherapy can regulate physiological function,

beauty beauty, relieve stress, promote strong spirit, improve
The work efficiency.

A common phenomenon:

Q: General what flavor can be refreshing? What flavor to sleep? What  

  can the anti fatigue relief?
A: Lemon grass can be refreshing. Lily, lavender, cherry blossom has  

 the efficacy of sleep! YuLan can resist
 Fatigue relief, different fragrance has a different effect, YuLan can

 relieve fatigue and tension, the ocean.
Q: used in aromatherapy products will produce dependence?
A: aromatherapy products just commodities, is not a drug, does not   

produce dependence, aromatherapy products can improve the room
  In the air and improve mood.
Q:can be preserved well in what circumstances?
  A should be between 15-25 degrees environment preservation in light,

  temperature. Even when in use, the best is not
  To be used in direct sunlight. Keep away from fire, avoid contact  

with eyes and gold and silver jewelry, not a substitute for drugs,
  The long time does not use, please cover tight lid and place it in a

  cool place, do not put in the refrigerator.
Q: what are the requirements for the use of aromatherapy space?
A: general 20 square meters of space can be placed in a bottle, the  

greater space flavor more light, if it is a bigger fan
  Wai space words can correspondingly placed 2 bottles, of course, is 

 based on your personal preferences to the scent of bias to swing
  Put the corresponding quantity.
Q:fragrance and perfume, what is the difference?
A fragrance aroma products is home use, have characteristics of  

household preferences, and perfume is more like a person
  The aroma of good products.
Q:different fragrance can be mixed?
A:it is best not to, different flavor combinations might produce some 

 unpleasant smell, but the same fragrance
  Different flavor fragrance products can be mixed.

A fragrant knowledge:

Fresh flower - shade moderate - (popular flavor)
Pleasant fragrance, Ning God calm, relaxed body, caress appease mood

Fresh flower - shade moderate - (popular flavor)
Pure jasmine scent

Fresh flower - shade moderate - (popular flavor)
Romantic passion, increase the aphrodisiac effects.

The ocean
Water blending -- partial light - (popular flavor)
Relax, pleasant, fresh and elegant, return to nature

Lemon grass
Herbaceous - shade moderate
The refreshing fragrance, gladdening the heart and refreshing the

mind, restore vitality
Fresh flower - shade moderate
Warm fragrance, helps the eye, calming the nerves, relax mood

Sweet-scented osmanthus
Fresh flower - shade moderate
The fresh flowers, purify the air, improve the headache and dizziness

Fresh flower - shade moderate
Fresh quietly elegant, remove peculiar smell, relieve pressure

Fresh flower - smell sweet
Has a soothing, treatment, healing and anti-inflammatory effects

Cherry blossoms
Fresh flower - shade moderate
Gas sleeping, Lee lung emotional balance

Orange flower
Fresh flower - shade moderate
Aromas of sweet, can promote cell regeneration, improve skin


Fresh flower - pure flavor
Refreshing, like Mu mountain, regulation of emotion and psychological


Method of use:
The base is arranged at the appropriate place indoor fragrance:
1 open the bottle, the volatilization of rattan is put into the bottle
2 flip rattan several times, he completely soaked in cane in

3 a week overturned a cane, the effect is better
Suggestion: put 2-3 root can be volatile cane every time.

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