No fire aromatherapy square glass bottles

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Product Details

Ceramic dry flower cane no fire aromatherapy/Essential oil box

set/Indoor fragrant fragrance

1.Pure manual products
2.easy to carry
3.OEM factory
4.can be customized
Item description: the Eiffel Tower, volatile liquid

fragrance suits

 Material: glass + dry flower imitation wood

size: Glass

bottle height 15*  diameter5.5cm

 overall height22* essential oil 8cm

including:A fragrant essence oil + two fiter stick+a flower + 30 ml

essence oil

cent: rose, lavender, lily

level:level 1

weight:net weight 0.3kg

gross weight 0.45kg

capacity:30ml  essence oil Gift box


Using range: a bedroom, living room, hotel, the


No fire Aromatherapy
No fire aromatherapy is containing natural plant essential oil

vaporization pistil head micro oxygen element through a special

constant temperature can be volatile.
Not only can produce plenty of fresh oxygen, but also releases large

amounts of ozone, Fen and more refined, negative ion and plant
Aromatic molecules, make our environment more fresh and healthy.
The effect of Aromatherapy
No fire aromatherapy aromatherapy can purify the air, improve air

quality, no pollution of the shaping of human living space.
No fire aromatherapy aromatherapy can promote The new supersedes the

old., reduce fatigue, help maintain respiratory function.
No fire aromatherapy aromatherapy can regulate physiological function,

beauty beauty, relieve stress, promote strong spirit, improve
The work efficiency.
No fire aromatherapy fragrance makes person mind comfortable, relaxed

and happy, promote appetite stimulating the human potential immunity.

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