Planet Car Perfume Air Freshener

Product Details

Planet Car Perfume Air Freshener


Starry sky series car aromatherapy

Pet planet

Scent, purify the odor in the car


Give her/him a planet

The shining star in the sky with you

Scent permeates the whole car

Feel the breath of the planet

The power of scent will soothe your tired mood of the day

Starry sky design, multi-color lights, start with the car, easy to change the fragrance

Starry sky

Start with car

On-board start sensor switch design

On-board automatic sensor switch design, add more fun

Blink light with sky full of stars, make your car more romantic

Colorful and gorgeous breathing light


Carefully modulate the scent

Cologne Tangerine

Deep bamboo forest

August Yegui


Product parameter

Product name: Starry sky series car aromatherapy

Battery capacity: 180 mAH

Breathing light: multi-color light

Product material: ABS/PP/PC

Product size: 44 x 44 x 64 (mm)

Aromatherapy tablets: replaceable, fragrance last for ~20 days


Packaging: exquisite packaging

Starry sky car aromatherapy,

3 packs of aromatherapy tablets


Charging Cable

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