Rattan Diffuser Stick

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Rattan Diffuser Stick

We are professional manufacturer & exporter of diffuser rattan sticks in China and the quality of our diffuser rattan sticks is good, which are made of premium quality rattan material; we use precise automatic cutters to cut rattan into different sizes to assure the exactly round incision of each piece of our diffuser rattan sticks and the excellent volatilization capability. Strict anti-mildew and anti-insect processes we take assure exactly no mildew issue and insect issue of our diffuser rattan sticks. 

DECORATIVE Diffuser Rattan Sticks 

We have multifarious decorative diffuser rattan sticks. Please contact us for detailed catalog of decorative diffuser rattan sticks.


SPECS of Diffuser Rattan Sticks

1)  Diameter: 1mm-11mm

2) Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.1mm

3) Length: any length, exactly according to clients` request

4) Length Tolerance: +/-4mm or +/-2mm

5) Color: natural or colored

6) Shape: straight, or shaped

7) style: straight, or decorative diffuser rattan sticks

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