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What is the effect of temperature on the car perfume?


June during the hot summer, many owners reflected recently, car perfume run out faster, with relatively longer time in winter. This is because the summer temperature is high, thus the usage time differences. So, what is the effect of temperature for car perfume?
In physics, under normal temperature will accelerate the volatilization of liquid substances. Likewise, car perfume bottle after open, direct contact with air. Summer temperatures, perfume volatilization will be accelerated, resulting in the phenomenon of use perfume is faster than the winter in summer. In addition to evaporate quickly, the temperature will also other influence on perfume, overheating temperature to change of its scent. Before the so-called tone is just when using smell the smell of perfume, in defining the car perfume quality plays an important role. Understand perfume knows that high temperature is easy to make cars of its scent will produce certain change after contact with high temperature. If the car perfume long-term exposure to high temperature, easy to cause the perfume produced the corresponding chemical reactions, which sends out a special smell.
Generally, car perfume is measured by appearance and the smell of the fragrance, temperature easily affect perfume, which can also offset the value of the perfume. Give us the store perfume skills today
Perfume should be put away from the sun, and a cool place, such as closet or drawer. Put perfume bottles in the original box. Don't put perfume to be exposed to the sun. Also don't directly put in place to be exposed to heat and steam.

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