• 4 simple tips on how to identify car liquid perfume quality

    I believe that many drivers have the habit of placing perfume in the car, right? Actually car perfume has become an essential item in the car. So, how to choose a good car perfume for your car, this is a question, today we would like to sha......Read more

  • What is the effect of temperature on the car perfume?

    June during the hot summer, many owners reflected recently, car perfume run out faster, with relatively longer time in winter. This is because the summer temperature is high, thus the usage time differences. So, what is the effect of temperature for ......Read more

  • How to choose your car perfume

    How to choose your car perfume   The car perfume is to remove the smell not good , make the car more fresh air and comfortable.  It not only remove the odor  as aromatherapy, but also It can decorate the car as car accessary. It is ess......Read more

  • New Arrival Car Perfume Diffuser

    New Arrival Car Perfume Diffuser Fashion  screw propeller design with the long lasting perfume wicks....Read more

  • How to choose fiber reed diffuser stick

    How to choose fiber reed diffuser stick. Can select from the follow parameters:   Color: white or color   Size: diameter and length   Material : polyester, PE, natural rattan,, other material   Time: Volatilize faster or slow......Read more

  • Aroma Reed Diffuser Kits

    Aroma Reed Diffuser Kits   Customize the reed diffuser solution according to your requirements. The diffuser bottle and the diffuser wick....Read more

  • Aromatherapy Fragrance

    With the development of society, economic conditions improve, more and more people pay attention to the quality of life, no fire aromatherapy is more people to choose, become the home office daily necessities.    No fire aromatherapy volati......Read more

  • China's leading manufacturer of Home Fragrance producs and Home Decor products

    We are the professional manufacturer & exporter of fiber diffuser reeds for reed diffusers in China and the quality of our fiber diffuser reeds is good over the world.  We use precise automatic cutters to cut fiber diffuser reeds into differ......Read more

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