ceramic wick for liquid mosquito repellent

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  • 008
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  • shenzhen

  • grey white

  • 100000   pcs
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Product Details

1.specification: length  7.3cm±0.5mm   diameter:  7.0mm±0.05mm  (-0.1mm)   we can also produce according to other sizes.
 2.  water ratio: ≤0.4%
3.   colour: grey, beige, milk white etc
4. Bending strength:≥4.5kg
5. chemical stability: there is no any corrade  during 24 h in liquid

We can adjust the material as per your different requirement on the evaporation time
customized production is avaiable
    1.Convenient,clean and easy to operate
    2.Kill mosquito rapidly
    3.Fragrant and eco-friendly
    4.No ash,smoke or residue
    5.Harmless to human and pets


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