oil absorbent sheet

Product Details
Size:we can manufacture the size according to your requirements
Color:any color according to your requirement
Package:100piece/ctn(it depends on your requirement)
Feature:Crank out with one time, with non working over white, Economical yet effective.
Aborbent pads and sheet are made from meltblown polypropylene fine fibers.
For use with oil and petro;eum based fliuds.
They are comprised of the best available basic meltblown polypropylene, containment and clearing up of spills in ocean & river, lake, shipping terminal, crude storge, 
Be used for cover and scatter or pave the spill oil on floor or water.
Applications:1  Widely used in the hospital, hotel, motel;
2  In most beauty salon and palon house, it also has wide usage area;
3 With the good quality, competitive price and disposable after usage, it replaces the cotton pillow case in daily life, gets a frequently usage.

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