perfume reed diffuser and aroma fragrance reed diffuser

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Product Details

Material: Rattan Stick/straight reeds/curving reeds/ornamental reeds
For the diameter, we has 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm
For the length, the shortest is 5cm, the longest is 54cm:             
Long: 16cm, 20cm, 22cm, 27cm, 35cm, 39cm,44cm
For the glass bottle, we has 1.5ml-375ml bottle

1. Infuse your home with new life with a fresh reed diffuser
2. Add scents of vanilla, lavender and orange blossom beyond any air

3. Pamper yourself with some aromatic personal care
4. Reed diffusers have no flame, smoke and do not burn
5. Perfect for dorm rooms, office spaces or any room in your house
6. Set of three 4-ounce diffusers, each lasting for two to four months
Includes, vanilla bean, lavender fields and orange blossom flavors

We offer these related service to glass bottles:
small package, rattan stick with “raffia”, 8pcs bundle, 10pcs

bundle, Set includes 6-8 sticks . Special package according customers

We persist in honest management and try our best to offer best service

and reliable products to customers. Welcome to contact us to know more

details and to see more products.

aroma diffuser
fragrance diffuser
aroma fragrance reed diffuser
China Rattan Stick for Aroma Diffuser, rattan series

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